Sunday, February 10, 2008

hi rummy!

so i'm walking around my neighborhood (kalorama) the other night with a friend when i stop to point out the french ambassador's house. i'm bothered by the loud hum of the gas guzzling engines of not one, not two, but three chevy suburbans idling on the street. and it's not like they are waiting to pick someone up, these guys have been there for hours, days maybe. the dashboards are littered with empty potato chip bags and big gulps and greasy hamburger wrappers. engines, running. it was cold so there was a nize carbon monoxide haze coming out of the mufflers. i say, a little too loud "good thing our boys are in iraq fighting for oil, eh?" a few feet away, a guy comes out of his house, taking his trash to his garage, gives me a pretty dirty look. oh crap, that's donald rumsfeld! i try to hide behind a bush, he continues his business. he leaves his front door open. rummy has some FUGLY carpet in his stairs. this nasty green wallpaper in the kitchen. you'd think he would have better taste. then i think back to his legacy, eh, obviously not.

Monday, February 4, 2008


a convoy of SUVs rolls into the capital of Chad over the weekend and tries to overthrow the government. there's fighting, dead bodies everywhere, a short cease fire to let civilians evactuate to cameroon or wherever they can run to. these rebels are threatening to attack the EU peacekeeping force who are there to protect the thousands of refugees from Darfur. essentially, this whole region is going to shit faster than an eli manning touchdown pass. oh, but you wouldn't know since there's no mention of it on front page of the New York Times, CNN or the Washington Post because last night the Giants happened to overthrow the Eagles in the super bowl. incredible.