Monday, February 27, 2006


a DC celebrity came into the bar i was working at last night. it felt sorta weird knowing so much about her (anal) sex life. she seemed kinda subdued. maybe she knew the entire staff recognized her. (well, she did give us her credit card so what wouldyou expect?)...maybe she was on drugs. she wasn't as slutty as i would have expected though.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

fun with wikipedia part I

fun with wikipedia - part I
The Golden Girls is considered the direct ancestor of Sex and the City.

neil patrick harris is gay??!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

another day another hangover

so where is one supposed to find good late night eats in adams morgan these days? and i mean when you're wasted because you didn't have dinner and went straight to the bar from work, so you were there when the place opened, and my the time you hit your second glass of merlot, the world is spinning and even though you keep misplacing your phone, you text random people and try to meet up and basically turn your wednesday into a friggin saturday. and so when you have no proper hand eye coordination to be able to put together your own falafel sandwich (which i'm usually an expert at, btw. the key: put some garlic/tahini sauce in FIRST - it messes up the fixins bar when you go backwarsd but it's worth it), where do you go? huge pizza slice, no thank you. ever since i dropped one on the ground my first night in DC and it landed cheese-side down (of course) and...i ate it anyway (five second rule) i vowed never to go back. and i have to say, julia's empenadas kindof suck. and don't get me wrong, i'm a big empenada fan - i make awesome empenadas - but how does julia's stay in business with the dry crap that's been sitting under a heat lamp all day? and they don't even have soup at the one on 18th street. and the burrito joint closes early. burritos. that's exactly what i want at 2 am.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

happy valentine's day

So last night, i went to tryst for their valentine’s day party, tho it wasn’t really much of a party, just a typical night with people sitting around with faces lit up in blue by their laptop screens. Though I do recall giving some guy who was coding javascript behind me a really good idea for a million dollar website.
But a good time was had by all. I saw this guy there. My Most Recently Single Friend (as of 7:55 pm EST on 2/14) and the Friend I Want To Be Roommates With (spring 2006 brings you - the pussy palace. 2 ladies and 3 cats)discussed the finer points of specialised internet dating sites, like for farmers and midgets, jacuzzis vs. bathtubs with jets, men who work with their hands, and how shitty boyfriends learn to outsource certain boyfriend duties to gay guys, like, "baby, I really don’t feel like going out to brunch and then shopping the outlet mall, why don’t you go with roberto instead?", and how whenever you go out drinking with a bunch of people, you should always buy the first round because then for the rest of the night people remember you bought the first round and you never have to buy another one again. Though I’ve had that backfire when it’s 2:17 am and you want to go home and someone makes you buy 6 cans of pbr that end up stacked and undrunk on the bar.So then we broke the cardinal rule of champagne which is: never drink champagne unless you want to get wasted and hungover.
We had three bottles, and since there were three of us, I guess we had a bottle each. Our waiter was super nice, I think we should have tipped him more. When I’m drunk I usually don’t tip well. Then we went to cheese spikes, but by then I was very slurry, which my handsome indian friend pointed out: “it’s so great to see you out and wasted on a tuesday!” I found $5 in my pocket, which let us pick 40 songs on the jukebox, but only 13 of them got played. Someone slow tackled me. I went home and ate couscous and showed up 2 hours late for work and missed a phone interview, but now I have lots of funny stories to tell. Yay valentine’s day.

Thursday, February 9, 2006

things i learned from my stupid friends

1. Happiness floats.
2. The torpedoes won't launch if the cloaking device is on.
3. Republicans eat chicken feet.
4. Ski lift tickets are expensive because of Bill Clinton.
5. "EIEIO" is not an acceptable Scrabble word
6. Stroh 80 rum and ginger ale makes a tasty butterscotch drink
7. Slut Puddle would be a good name for a band.