Monday, August 25, 2008

still crusading against leafblowers

this same problem arose around a year ago, the Florida avenue leafblower man. he's back, once again blowing all the dust and garbage on the street in front of the Farnsboro over to restaurant Nora, into the sidwell school, into mine and everyone else's FACE.
so, in my usual aggressive-from-behind-my-desk behaviour i submitted a complaint to the department of public works, citing the farnsboro for illegal dumping. it looks all badass in capital letters ('s doing, not mine). i have a case number, and a nifty password to follow up. let's see what happens before i arrange a black van with no windows to teach this guy a lesson or when i send my next dry cleaning bill to the farnsboro tenant's association for this crap.
so if anyone else has a problem with this guy, and i know you do, i saw you in your convertible beamer this morning, coughing and waving dust from your face, well let's get this man a fucking rake already! hell, maybe even a broom! remember these things? you might have seen one when you were a kid...they are amazing inventions.