Monday, June 25, 2007

leaf blowers [should] SUCK

every morning as i bike down florida past S street some guy wearing a SARS mask calmly blows leaves, dust, dirt and other garbage into my eyes ears nose and throat with his loud, annoying leaf blower. the next day, the maintenance guy across the street will blow the same crap off of his sidewalk with his own infernal machine. oh, he's wearing a mask too, because it's so dusty and nasty, and my face, once again is a filter. WTF?
who invented these things are why are they allowed to be used in DC or anywhere at all? all it does is blow shit somewhere else for someone else to deal with. at least blow it into Virginia or something. what a useless, gas using, polluting piece of SHIT. i can't think of anything worse than sweeping something under the rug. these leaves, they bother me,instead of picking them up, let me just put them over here. and do it really LOUDLY. it's the stupidest shit ever.

might i suggest a leafblower that instead sucks, maybe actually picks up the leaves into some sort of receptacle so they may be contained and disposed of, perhaps composted? now that's a crazy idea. what ever happened to the old fashioned rake? if you ask me, "what is the stupidest human invention ever?" i tell you: the leaf blower. fucking IDIOTS.

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