Saturday, June 30, 2007

sexy texting: the SEXT

so phone sex, IM sex, online dating? pff it's all a thing of the past because i'm telling you, blackberry DC! it's all about the texting sex, a.k.a. the 'sext.' it's instantaneous, it's discreet, it's anywhere. calling someone on the phone? well that's just awkward. even checking your messages these days is a pain in the ass " you have 2 new listen, press one then wait forever..." blah blah blah not fast enough!! and now, with all the new techbology you can add pictures and shit? aw yeah.
it's a whole new world just waiting to be exploited, folks. don't even think twice about it, you can sext in an airport or at work, everywhere but in a metro tunnel for those of us not on Sprint. a friend of mine, he sent a sext to his lady earlier this week, and it's been 48 hours sans reply. as a result, i think he's sextually frustrated. to his lady, that's just harsh babe. unlike a computer, your phone goes with you everywhere, so there's no excuse! are you withholding sext for strategic power? tsk.
so next time you're sitting on the bus next to some nerd who gets a sext and smiles, you can think "well, at least he's gettin' some."

the point is, everyone is doing it. you should too.

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