Sunday, November 15, 2009

tallyho! the 1st semi-annual DC Tweed Ride

'twas a delectable perfectly orchestrated fall data for the first DC Tweed Ride, a sensational day of bi-wheeled fun, hosted by the ever polite and organized dandies and Quaintrelles. Dapper weather indeed and graceful attire of wheelmen and women, adequately documented here.
three cheers to our many humble fans and agreeable quadracycle combustibles who gracefully let us through. my pal april shaded me with her parasol, which made my shade simply sublime. my sound system was as tested and true, but provided some delightful gangsta rap for times of silence.

they say it's semi-annual, i forget if that means every two years or once every six months? i hope it's the latter!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

well, i got my story

i went out for a drink on friday with a guy i met recently, i guess you could call it a 'date.' that's what everyone else was calling it when i was at a happy hour beforehand, and dreading said meeting. one friend said "worst case scenario is you'll have a funny story to tell."
it just so happens that 2 hours of listening to him talk about how he hasn't called his mom in 3 weeks and how many movies and music he illegally downloads was a date, and i found this out only because he texted his recap of the evening -including "she paid for drinks! :) she's moving to germany :(" - to a friend, and as it turns out, inadvertently to me. it was quickly followed up with "oops, wrong person. want to meet up again?"
how do you spell a-w-k-w-a-r-d?