Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hilton protest

so if you've been walking down connecticut ave in the morning in front of the Hinckley Hilton there have been some protesters. i'm usually on the other side of the street but today i walked by and...they have a giant (we're talking 25 foot tall) inflatable rat on an oldsmobile. i got a flyer that reads "low wages have put this economy where it is today!" and they are mostly irritated by the "largely hispanic" cement employees. i don't really know anything about the details of their plight (nor their spelling error ridden flyer) but i dig the rat.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

oh, i hate so many people...

this is just one of them.

craigslist ad: three month old male kitty. (woodbridge)
from: comm-qyz46-1386139544@craigslist.org

hello, i have a three month old lil male kitten. i've had him for about two weeks and i bought him from the humane society, he's had two shots and has been dewormed, he's not nuetered or declawed because my vet wouldn't do it until he was at least six months old. he loves to cuddle and meows at you when you get home. my son likes to throw stuff at him and tries to pull his tail, it's not fair to the kitten so i think it's best if i find him a new home. he comes with cat box, litter, cat food, toy, canned food, cat scratcher, poop scooper, food dish & cat nip. there is a small fee for him so if you are interested please let me know.

so i wrote to them, offering to declaw their kid, or if they want to, keep the kitten and give the little bastard away, i'll take him. and i'll even pay the fee.

the response was not as hilarious as 'emails from an asshole' but people like this shouldn't reproduce. and if do and raise kids who torture animals, well that's when you send in the experts: http://www.rescueink.org/

Thursday, September 17, 2009

stupidity and ignorance speaks for itself

i'm not sure if they had to search out all these crazy people to interview...because they are everywhere. i mean, it's all "government is evil we can't trust it!" but might i remind those that the gov is now a major shareholder in our banks..because we can't trust private companies to not be greedy! i could find a metaphor with our health care...and can we just wikpedia socialism, fascism, and czar? i mean, if wikipedia is not a communist website...