Sunday, April 1, 2012

yoyogi park

nice sunday in tokyo, after some more shopping in harajuku, my all time favorite neighborhood with all the fashionistas-stop! stop! no more shoppinbg! no more room in my bag...ok, about a nice 2nd hand kimono...-  i went to a shrine, and yoyogi-koen park. ok, the shrine was nice, got to see a wedding party...but the park? it's like the japanese don't have enough with facebook, twitter and all the other gadgets to broadcast their crazy personalities, they need to come to the park and just...act weird.
shopping at the kimono market...

take the dancing rockabillies. guys dressed up in jeans jackets and elvis hairdos dancing to old rock and drinking beer. they aren't even begging for money, they're just having a good time. and there are competing rockabilly groups too, like the fat guys over there, with a boombox just loud enough to mix with the third group.
dancing elvis guys
 a capella groups, improv troups, children's games with adults, you name it,, all can be found in yoyogi park. totally weird, totally fun!

the big X

so in japan, if you ask for something and they don't have it, they make a big X with their arms. they could just say, no, iie, or shake their head, but no, they make a huge exaggerated X.

times when i have seen the big X:

can i get a receipt?
do you have any vegetarian ramen?
do you have size 43 shoes for my gargantuan footed boyfriend?
do you have a table for 4? (bar is empty, they don't want foreigners)
can i - (they don't want to even talk to a foreigner)