Wednesday, June 20, 2007

what america are you talking about?

on today there's a story about Iraqi refugees. there are millions of them in the middle east, yet only 500 are allowed into the U.S. oh gee, right. refugees, forgot about them, sorry dude. i wonder how many refugees the US creates on a daily basis. thousands?
so they interview this family that fled to turkey and though the town sounds quite nice and picturesque (i would go there) they hate it. they can't work, they're totally poor, don't speak the language and they're not accepted. so they've been allowed to come to the U.S. and they're all psyched and here is one of their quotes:

"Whatever is in America," Toma says, "it will be a thousand times better than what we had in Iraq or Turkey because there are work opportunities. There is no discrimination, no hatred."

huh huh, i can tell you what's in America, Toma, a whole shitload of discrimination and hatred. racism, ignorance, too. and the same people who want us over there to blow your shit up who still don't know a sunni from a shiite from a kurd from a sikh. oh man, if it's anything like what those poor lost boys are better watch your back, buddy!

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