Wednesday, February 22, 2006

another day another hangover

so where is one supposed to find good late night eats in adams morgan these days? and i mean when you're wasted because you didn't have dinner and went straight to the bar from work, so you were there when the place opened, and my the time you hit your second glass of merlot, the world is spinning and even though you keep misplacing your phone, you text random people and try to meet up and basically turn your wednesday into a friggin saturday. and so when you have no proper hand eye coordination to be able to put together your own falafel sandwich (which i'm usually an expert at, btw. the key: put some garlic/tahini sauce in FIRST - it messes up the fixins bar when you go backwarsd but it's worth it), where do you go? huge pizza slice, no thank you. ever since i dropped one on the ground my first night in DC and it landed cheese-side down (of course) and...i ate it anyway (five second rule) i vowed never to go back. and i have to say, julia's empenadas kindof suck. and don't get me wrong, i'm a big empenada fan - i make awesome empenadas - but how does julia's stay in business with the dry crap that's been sitting under a heat lamp all day? and they don't even have soup at the one on 18th street. and the burrito joint closes early. burritos. that's exactly what i want at 2 am.

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