Tuesday, April 11, 2006

loathing the text message

It's not that I don't like text messages, I just hate the way they are replacing the quick phone call. I mean who has the time to type "do you need me to pick up anything at the store" while they are at the store and somehow expects you to read and respond before they get to the register...

People, text messages are for short bursts of information, perhaps conveying a useful tidbit such as an address, or its real purpose: sarcastic humor you just can't pull off in person. like say, the one i got last week that read:

"ariel sharon is the second cewlest jew i know."
is it implying that i'm the first cewlest? because Ariel Sharon isn't that cool...you see, it's funny, it makes you think.

here are those that have been lingering, avoiding deletion:

"love is thorny"
"work da nooch!"
"toilet of glory! halelujah!"
"he's hot - you left - he's mine - tequila!"
But anyway, how could any text message replace the operatic (seriously, it sounded like pavarotti) voicemail I received at 4:29 am this morning: cello cello cello cello cellooooooo. Cellooooooo! Cellooo cello cello cello! cello! cello! and so on for nearly 2 and a half minutes.
It can't. so stick to the rules, don't let the text become your only voice. thank you.

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