Sunday, May 28, 2006

bob dole is a lefty

so i partied it up with the honorable senator bob dole the other night, and his chauffeur, wilber.

don't they look so super psyched for this picture? (in reality, i said something very stupid and inappropriate).
so yeah, i guess he's pretty much the biggest celebrity i've actually had a chance to talk to, is that sad? though i did meet andy rooney when i was 12, and when i asked if i could get a picture with him he replied, "do i have a choice?" and i answered, "no." and that was that.

anyway, most of the stuff you've heard about bob dole is true. he's got a quick dry wit, he really does have a booming monotone voice, occasionally refers to himself in the third person, and clutches a pen in his right hand. except at the end of the night he was clutching a very large wad of cash. (?)

but in the brief time we hung out i found out that:

bob dole likes: vodka, sinatra
bob dole dislikes: cross-dressers, jay-z

but the moral of the story is that he's a lefty...sorta not by choice, but a lefty nonetheless.

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