Tuesday, October 30, 2007

here we go

i’m going to kinshasa for three and a half weeks. most people think i’ll be sweating out the rainy season in those khaki pants that you can zip the legs off and turn into shorts, and a safari hat and eyeing bonobo monkeys and gorillas through my binoculars. write a blog, we want to read about your adventures!

hate to ruin the fantasy, but i’m going to spend most of the time in the 5 star hotel (5 stars by Kinshasa standards) running computer algorithms, hoping the power stays on long enough to charge up my laptop and all around nerding it up in French. they’ve even asked me to stay an extra 10 days to be a nerd in another office and teach them a nerdy thing or two.

so i’ll write some updates tho, maybe post a nice screen shot of the little “percent complete” meter, a photo of my breakfast, or maybe bring back some souvenirs made out of flip flops. i'll keep a posted.

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