Sunday, November 25, 2007

cool things i saw today:

-a guy carrying some sort of engine on his head. anything on anyone's head is pretty neat.
-a huge billboard advertising (will someone please visit it and tell me what it is?)

-a monkey tied up outside a chinese restaurant. which, in the end isn't so cool. he started freaking out as i got closer. and how do i know i'm eating chicken?
-the super famous congolese rock star: faly
-my maps everywhere!

not so cool things i saw:
-everyone coming into the office on a saturday - there's nothing much to do apparently so people just work. ahem, i plan on changing that.
-germans in speedos at the pool
-the price of a pepsi MAX at my hotel: 4000 francs congolais. that's 8 bucks!
-my new hotel room's bathroom (there were two of us, one bed, one bathroom towel. i asked for a double room, which ended up being half the size and twice as nasty).
-the guy with backwards knees who shines shoes outside. he has flip flops on his hands and walks like a gorilla. not cool.


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Happy Bday by the way!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Beaucoup d'aventures pour ce 25 novembre 2007. Et une année de plus ! Et quelle année !

Anonymous said...

Beaucoup d'aventures pour ce 25 novembre 2007. Et un jour (important) de plus ! En plus.