Tuesday, January 8, 2008

well excuuuuse me for trying to help

so a friend went to DC central food kitchen a few weeks ago to see if he could help out. he's always talking up these enormous batches (he definitely likes cooking in bulk) of awesome soups he whipped up there a few years back and since he had a week or so to kill over the holidays...well boy did they send him packing. the lady was all "oh REALLY, you have worked here? well who do you know? huh? huh? tell me!" i guess you're supposed to fill out a form online or something (?!), and so him just walking in was like he was illiterate or not able to follow instructions or whatever, and so it was all rather tense and awkward. i would have thought they would have welcomed anyone with a decent heart and some time to offer but i guess not.
it's like the guy i handed my leftovers to on the street once - it was about 2 pounds of tasty pasta from bucca de beppo's. it's family style, so it's not like it was on MY plate and full of my saliva. the guy took it and then threw it onto the street and it got run over by a taxi. marinara sauce and giant meatballs everywhere. i would have maybe eaten that for lunch, ya know. then he berated me telling me he wasn't homeless, and didn't need any of my handouts. uh, ok buddy, you're sitting on a milk crate with a coffee cup full of change in front of a strip club - how am i supposed to know?

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