Sunday, December 21, 2008

paris: bar style

so there's an interesting thing about bars here. first of all, not everyone is drinking. a lot of people drink coffee, hot chocolate..and if they do drink, it's mostly beer, some wine, maybe a rhum punch or tequila. margaritas? what? martinis? not in the places i hang out in. another thing, haven't seen a tv anywhere (only 3 channels anyway) and finally, every bar is practically empty because everyone is outside smoking!
you think places are jumping, overflowing, but no, those are just the smokers huddled outside. i was hoping i'd have an even playing field here- before i was always the awkward one who didn't have a cigarette to fiddle with and look cool. i thought maybe now people would just sit...and..maybe play with their phones or something but no. i'm just the lone loser at the bar. yay.

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