Saturday, May 26, 2012

zazie le chat (1992-2012)

Zazie le Chat.

c. 1992-2012

Zazie le Chat lived an impressively long life under the furniture of her many loving owners. Trembling in constant fear of people, especially black and jewish people, the vacuum cleaner, airplanes, cars, the microwave, snow, fast movements, noises, thunderstorms, she nonetheless gracefully survived many traumatic experiences, including: 2 generation of Bush Presidencies, a leg-breaking fall from a tree, the first Iraq war, 9/11, the war on drugs, the second iraq war, the war in afghanistan, the war on terrorism, being trapped in a fridge, a tail-amputating porch door, and many encounters with other cats, squirrels and birds. While being politcally active, she was smuggled over both the canadian and US borders, tortured a Syrian roommate in North Carolina, lived in Washington DC, and hated John McCain before retiring to nursing care at her birthplace on Long Island in 2010. Zazie loved hiding, basements, windowsills, closets, catnip, asking to be let in and then not coming in, drinking half n half, drinking tuna water, rolling in dirt, rolling in lavender, rolling in sunbeams, wet food, chin rubs, beds, very occasionally the lap of a human, and uncomfortable lounging surfaces such as books or shoes. She is survived by her grieving mother, grandmother, grandfather and a number of other caretakers who will greatly miss her long and subtle adoring presence.

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