Friday, March 22, 2013

back back back

there's a moment before every trip to Congo when i'm all, am i rrrreally going back there? how am i going to keep busy this time? i'm going to miss berlin, my cats and a little panic attack comes and goes.
and then i land in the madness. even though my hair is a mess, haven't slept in 2 days, the airport guys in their yellow reflective vests take off their helmets and do their whistle and wave mmmmadammmmme! i didn't fill out the stupid custom form, but i just smile and it's ok, "juste pour vous." and the airport lights flicker and go out, to silence. you just hear the sound of the crickets and the horns honking in the distance.
and then i go to work and it's high fives and hugs and aurelgrooves is back! because no one else has my name. they heard i was coming, but when? today! and i hand out my gifts, peanut butter, chocolate, t-shirts, soap, and nothing has changed, except after this winter, i'm much more white (there is no difference between aurelgrooves and this wall!), there is still no toilet paper in the bathroom, the guard is asleep and snoring. i'm back. for another insane time in kinshasa.