Saturday, May 31, 2014

incorruptible police

so at every intersection in kinshasa you have a little platform where a police officer stands directing traffic. it's usually all gnarled and dented from where all the drivers smashed into it. whenever there's a nice fancy car the police dude will make it stop so his buddies can mooch cash from the drivers. at least this was the case was until recently. it seems a local university has come up with an "incorruptible policeman." it's a hilarious 8 foot tall metal robot straight out of Futurama, with a solar panel on its head and green and red blinking lights on its chest. 

the completely mobile bendy arms stretch out in the direction required to stop traffic. it's absolutely amazing, and what is even crazier, drivers actually obey the robot! i couldn't make this shit up if i tried!

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