Sunday, June 26, 2016

Press 1 for English....

This is for my uncle because all of his Gabon stories predate the telephone :)
So we are setting up these cellphones for a project in Zambia and i had to call the mobile service company customer service.
"Welcome to MTN! Press 1 for English.."
And i was curious as to what the other options were so i listened on
"Press 2 for Bemba
"Press 3 for Nyanja
"Press 4 for Tonga
I stopped at 9. 

Now that's modern africa for you. Mind you, if we were in Congo you'd need at least 400 options...


Anonymous said...

MBolo !
Actually a telephone did existed.
But it never worked.
Cheers !

lefty said...

Haha - touché!