Saturday, January 20, 2007

west virginny

was in west virginia last weekend. don't want to stereotype, was just like the stereotype. walked into a thrift store packed to the gills with awesome 70's men's shirts that would have made meeps drool. as i peruse the weapons section the deliverance theme echoes over the cheesy tin-can like department store sound system. cash register lady was wearing a pink poodle sweatshirt with curly yarn coming out of it and had a southern drawl i could barely understand.

had a hilarious late nite beer run to bill's, a bar/restaurant/grocery/canoe joint. the grocery area is two shelves of cans, mostly spam. they only take cash and seem to 'estimate' the price of their beer, sort of making an offer, foreigner tax included and rounded up. so, two cases of schlitz cans: "14 dollars?" which, ironically was exactly how much three of us pooled together from our wallets. sadly, not enough leftover to do any shots at the bar with the rest of the neighborhood.
though, sometimes i think DC can be just as...don't know what the word is for it. i went to the adams morgan safeway to get some ingredients for my gargantuan batch of hummus (i'm an expert in semi-solid foods these days, thank you cuisinart!). i'm searching the "international aisle" (though can we admit that mexican/latino food is no longer international? especially the sandinista safeway?). i ask the aisle guy if they have any tahini.
"ta-who? what's that?"
"it's used to make hummus"
"now what the fuck is hummus?!"
"...thanks, you just answered my question."

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