Monday, July 16, 2007

things to do with a friday off

my office announced every other friday off this summer. yesssss! this is what i did with mine:

1. pay a visit to a poor friend in an underground cubicle...and happen to see Condi in the hallway
2. go see a summer blockbuster, and then another one in the theater next door. it's hot outside. sit in the front row. have some dude sit down and pass around chicken wings from hooters. then watch him pour rhum in his liter of coke. toast him with your king can of sapporo.
3. bike to the awakening statue and kiss it goodbye before it moves to Maryland
4. chat with some fishermen, count the dead catfish in the potomac
5. lose the key to your bike lock; get cops to cut it for you. imagine how easy it could be to steal bikes in this way.
6. go to the national aquarium. it's actually a lot better than it used to be, though still not worth the $5. especially with the blatant typos, like the exhibit entitled: "CNMI: The Commonwealth of the Northern Marina Islands." but it's just too easy to sneak in.

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