Friday, June 6, 2008

do i look like the kind of girl who likes to sing songs?

so there's this hiv cartoon poster i was reading in the bathroom. it's this guy mbdankta in a small village and he's all psyched cuz his girlfriend is coming home (he receives a letter and there are lots of floaty hearts all around his head). in the next box: a cloud with !!! above his head!!! he needs condoms!!!
so he goes to a bunch of clinics and each one doesn't have any, then he goes to visit his buddy akbar because akbar aaaalways has condoms, cuz he really gets with the ladies. but akbar says, no man, i had a craaaazy weekend! so them mbdankta is all oh, this really sucks, i will have to find something else to do with my girlfriend. what will we do? hold hands? go for a walk? sing songs? play a game? and so when he sees her he says, i'm sorry i don't have any condoms, "maybe we can sing songs instead?" and she's all, songs?do i look like the kind of girl who likes to sing songs? i'll give you something to sing about...and pulls out a whole bunch of condoms. and they are both happy.
i can find at least a few things wrong with this story...
anyway, we're packing supplies for our trip and all we have are big cardboard smile condoms boxes. teehee. seriously, our truck is going to jam packed with these, what will people think?


Anonymous said...

I think the message is "ooohh yeah, um bau bau" but, y'know, responsibly.

Your colleague looks like Richard Alpert from Lost:

Avoid islands like the plague.

Anonymous said...

Who is this gorgeous guy ??? Better looking that the young one you danced with.