Thursday, June 5, 2008

windhoek...kinda boring

so windhoek is indeed really neat, according to the guide book, but i don't have time to do anything because it's work work work! and prepare for our big trip next week. though i did get invited to a cool bbq at this one guy's house who lives in a glorious multi-level house that he rents cheaper than my apartment in dc. i could live here.
but still, they are slave drivers. they put the mozambiquans to shame. i don't even go out to lunch, i just eat bread and yogurt that i steal from breakfast at the hotel.
so i don't really have any stories to tell, i'm just going to show you a few pictures that i have.

this is my room at the pension uhland. doesn't it look super cute and german? i wish i had a picture of the big black fuzzy cat. only annoying thing is the big aviary outside that has a lot of chirping birds that don't let me sleep. and they keep setting off the motion sensor light so all night it's
i watch roland garros on the telefunken.
this is bbq guy's really small dog. note the scale - you can compare his size to my foot (women's size 6.5). this is right before i punted him into angola.
this is a typical windhoek street. pretty nice! looks like california or something. there are also very, very few clouds.
this is the view of a windhoek sunset (looking east tho).


Unknown said...

Hey, Aurélie, if it's so boring in Namibia, why don't you go on one of those fantastic euphorbia tours I've heard so much about? Just don't eat them as a vegetable side with Springboek: they're toxic as hell. Love, Wobbie.

lefty said...

actually, tomorrow we go up north for a week. according to the guidebook, it's "euphorbia euphoria!" i'll take lots of pictures!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how developed Windhoek is. Paved roads, TVs and a whole lot of boring; it's like being in the US! It sounds like a cool place to visit. How large is their largest bay? And how deep is it? Cuz that would be the determining factor for me to visit.