Thursday, January 15, 2009


i do NOT know what i'm going to do this weekend. i dunnodunnodunno! should i just hide? somanythings! somanythings! i'm going crazy over here. like a little chipmunk i want to see it all at the same time. my bike tires are pumped up, my chain lubed (teehee!), screws tightened, shoelaces tied, helmet on, i'm going to be zip-zipping around as fast as can be. take that, checkpoints!
ironically, my jaw problem has worsened (they say it's related to stress i was under in december...hmmm i wonder what could have caused that?) and i'm now barely able to open my mouth to talk. i can't eat anything but mush...but i can drink! i sure can! drink just about anything! through my teeth! so there.
and, i'm going to drink with the namibians tonight, including the guy in the sweater vest who horribly mutilates my name each time he says it. and he says it a, oh arelelly do you eat meat? really, ever had ostrich, ohlalula? and then i'll try and fit in the dentist (so that he can open my mouth....just enough so that i can at least i could eat one of these cherry tomatoes? that would be nice...) and then...back to vinoteca? for more beet salad cashing in my gift certificate? but then? meet up with the six fingered man whom i finally met (a whole other story) oh, the madness! beyonce! i can't take it! happy obama-ing!

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