Tuesday, January 13, 2009

tell them large marge sent ya!

so, i'm sure you probably know already that i broke up with my boyfriend, i mean, everyone is in the loop. it's quite ok, it was a good thing, and i'm getting over the mess rather quickly, what with the new year being especially good and fun (raw eggs in a pinata = hilarious). so even though 2009 led off with the whole exchange of belongings, it was simply more hassle and annoying than regretful at all. and the entire affair ended with a fit of laughter, as i nearly peed my pants as when i went through the bag of stuff my ex dropped off.
let's see...empty bottles of hair products, tupperware, a lone sock and....at the very bottom a pair of panties that totally aren't mine!!!
the intent may have been to be cruel, but even my brother, who was in the room had to wipe the tears from his eyes from the hilarity. yes, this is rainbow butt floss....size LARGE! um, i don't wear thongs and i'm definitely don't have that big a bottom. oh, should i be mad? hell no! what a zinger!

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