Tuesday, March 24, 2009

oh it IS foul play indeed

i'm coming to this weird realization at the end of my stay that not a single german has initiated conversation with me. i'm not saying i haven't met anyone, i chatted with some real nice australians, english, french, scottish...but the germans keep their distance. and i'm not the only one to notice, ihave witnesses! there's something about me - is it my frenchy half jewishness? that automatically gets the cool stare. i've tested it, several times with friends "watch her reaction when i order a red wine" it's totally true. my colleagues try to say it's the german way, they are shy, don't want to bother someone who is reading their book in a restaurant (which is me almost every night) but would it kill someone to ask me how i'm doing? ask me if i want another drink? anything? ask me if i want change from the 50 euro note i just gave you? not even the restaurant staff are kind. it's a little weird i have to say. and don't get me started on my bike nemesis.

i parked my bike inside my courtyard again the other night. this is my NEW bike, the one that replaced the one with two flat tires. i took a mental picture, checked the pressure - these tires are fine - and went to bed. and the next morning, once again!! flat tires. i seethed with rage. i went back to my bike shop, got all the stares on the street from pedestrians thinking "what did she do to deserve that?" and this time, instead of getting a replacement bike, i repeated, sabotage! sabotage, ya! and simply pumped up my tires.

so what to do? i don't know how to write "why do you keep messing with my bike?" in german! so i drew a cartoon. it was the only solution.. skeevy person empties the air from my tires, i'm angry. what to do? call the polizei? purchase a pump? POISON?? well, whatever choice i have, they understood from it. my bike has been safe and sound without as much as a trace of a fingerprint. i guess that's how you show the germans what's UP.

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