Tuesday, March 3, 2009

why fly to asia when you can go to flushing?

last saturday despite a whole subway mix up we took the 7 train to the end of the line: flushing in Queens, yo.

first, click here, then go to file...print if you want to see what you're in for. once you're on main street you're fighting your way between guys pulling carts full of eels, people selling kung fu dvds, candies, rolexes and street dumplings, oh the street dumplings. first stop was the 4 for a dolla and a quarta pork bun place. YUM. i could have eaten 20. my friend christine tallied her monthly dumpling regimen to about 16-20. if i lived near flushing i would double that.
then go find the guy with the crazy big sign, and say "take me your masseuse!" he will give you one of his flyers and yell at you and point and you end up somewhere like spa world and get a cheap hour long massage. it was my first time getting one, and it was a rather positive experience. it took me a little time to try to not be tickrish while a series of chinese, or thai or singaporean (i couldn't tell and they couldn't tell me) touched me in places no woman has ever touched me. they also dug their knees into my waist, walked on my legs and stood on my feet (that's when i felt that we bonded) and it was excellent. the women only knew two words: "thank you" and "harder" which complicated things when i was writhing in pain, trying to get her to ease up on my shoulder blade. but in the end, i came out feeling like a newborn. i drank a ton of water and then we went into some underground mall thing and pointed and paid and ate. (i hear the mcdonald's has a big stick that you can use to point at the menu to order).
i'll take that and point was all you had to do. nothing was more than $4. and 'that' ended up being a delicious chinese chimichanga of some sort with scalions and egg inside. there were homemade noodles, super crazy spicey tongue numbing salads, lamb sandwiches and huge bratwurst like things. it was the greatest afternoon ever, topped with a mcflurry and some foozball. what more could you want?

mmmaybe some cabbage juice?

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