Sunday, May 10, 2009

mmmmm dessert!

for lunch today we went to a mall nearby and ate at chowking. chowking is your totally awesome indonesian fast food, where everyone has red and black uniforms. your order at a counter with computers and the people upstairs make your food. pak tri gets served this crazy dish with what looks like ice cream, beans, corn, corn flakes, flan and red and green jelly. i'm like, is that an appetizer? it looks like dessert. quite quickly and surprisingly he responds with "is there a rule against eating dessert first? i don't see my mother here, do you? and besides, if i wait, my ice cream will melt." all good points.
then, and i realize i shouldn't have done this, i ask and point - are those beans and corn? and the ice cream flavor, that is..."avocado." wow. and corn flakes? the jell-o? "mint and fruit punch. and these candied mango, all on top of shaved vanilla ice" this is something a 6 year-old would come up with. he crunches away and then i get my wonton noodle soup and his second course, mie goreng. yums. we have a little nerd talk and pak tri disappears briefly and comes back with a smile on his face. 5 minutes later i get my own dessert. i have to was exquisite. i plan on eating this for breakfast. every day.


Anonymous said...

J'ai noté (avec satisfaction) que tu étais au régime sec, mais attention aux calories des desserts!

Anonymous said...

chowking is actually from the's a filipinized, chinese-inspired fastfood restaurant, though the menu in indonesia was modified a bit to suit indonesian palates. the delicious dessert you've eaten is called "halo-halo" which literally means "mix-mix" - a mixture of sweetened beans, fruits, flan, etc.