Saturday, May 16, 2009

your wish is my command. food pictures

friday night dinner. peanut-y chicken (skinny chicken) satay with lontong vegetable. so i'm all lontong? and the guy is all yes! looooong! dooooong! long dong! and makes a hand motion of a long dong. hilarious. this is what makes their food so dang spicy! stomach NOT happyindonesians luuuuuv their meatballs. one whole aisle of meatballs at the Carrefour. this stuff will probably give me diahhrea (ice cubes big no-no), but it's totally worth sitting on the can for a day, so much i went back for seconds: coconut milk with praline-y flavor and gelatinous lime green stuff, made from rice i guess (as is everything). deeelish.


Anonymous said...

More panoramic views of meatballs please, unless it is just a "section". "Balls to the walls" if you will.

Unknown said...

And since it promises to be with you quite a bit, given your unrepentent eating habits, here's the etymology of the word (which you missmelled): a. L. diarroeha, a. Gr. a flowing through, diarroeha, f. - to flow through.

lefty said...

i'll go back and take a picture of the seafood balls and the veggie balls and mosaic it with the chicken balls. that's the only way to capture them all.