Monday, October 4, 2010

an angel!

after a horrid trans-atlantic charter flight, i passed out in a very uncomfortable chair in the duesseldorf airport, hips awkwardly and painfully jammed under an armrest, only to awake minutes later with a shiver. and as i reached for my brand new warm black cashmere cardigan that i had placed just besides me --it was gone. son of a $%&$#!!!!
some little piece of garbage not only stole from me, while only a mere cm from my arm, but made me live with this punishment for the remainder of my freezing cold flight, and landing in freezy rainy berlin with nothing but a t-shirt. i cursed so much that day.
and here, only a few days later, a package was waiting me for on my doorstep. an exact perfect new replacement! i slept in it last night. thank you, angel!