Friday, November 12, 2010

only in berlin

this is berlin kunst edition
every time you come across a table of edible poo, it is generally accompanied by the universal sigh, "only in berlin."

i get it, i eat artist shit
berlin and its affordable lifestyle supports an entire sub population of under-appreciated artists and creative types, we do all love that. we just wish we could filter out the crap sometimes. or, there are some nights when it just doesn't matter.
take nacht und nebel, or night and fog, a wonderful evening of anything goes. street after street, every gallery or whatever space in neukoln open its doors to wonderful craziness. you purchase a large 1liter beer and take it with you as you enter place after place thinking, the next one can't be this weird, let's stay here for a while. butthe next one surpasses the one before that, it never ends.
exhibit a. boomerangs..and stuff.

exhibit b. the bicycle powered dj hip hop show. this place had a tv showing something, a documetary of who cares because here come the guys in spandex! backed by a plastic sheet showing vintage cycling clips, dj cycle 1 and 2 flank mc ridiculous. 
tour de DJ
so then, when you come across a glowing mannequin on fire, it's not so weird anymore..