Friday, November 5, 2010

wurst cake - kitsch n classics edition

a special kitsch n classics edition for you.
my adobrable neighbor celebrated his birthday with a kuchen und wurst party - i presume the typical 4pm cake and coffee that turns into a bbq or something. i though i would kick it up a notch and just end th e party early with an amazing..shazam! wurstcake.
i consulted the venerable chef raspberry for ideas. corn bread basics, with some meats.
i went to the knockoff ikea to find a good cake pan. the one i picked was loaf sized, non-stick, sturdy, and had a picture of a holiday fruitcake and colorful jellies and nuts and powdered sugar and snowflakes. oh cake pan you could not be more wrong today. 
instructions from the chef:
125g cornmeal
150g AP Flour
40g sugar
20g honey
9g baking powder
2g baking soda
7g salt
100g whole egg
200g sour cream
100g milk
50g butter
Mix dry together and add all wet ingredients. Add in the chopped wurst and bake in a greased pan at whatever 350F is for 30-40 minutes. Put in some chopped rosemary and maybe some chopped cooked onion.
so i bought some organic mittelwurst (no idea what that is, took me an hour to pick it from all of its wurst cousins), cooked 'em up with onions, shallots. i didn't have a scale so there was a lot guesswork.
in the end, i had a concotion that rather tasted like cornbread. the air of my apartment, entirely infused with the smokey bacon like smell of the wurst. fresh rosemary and voila.

only issue was the whole what is baking powder what is baking soda, why are they different and why do you need both. i only had baeckpulver, whatever that is, and i just dumped a bunch in.

mixin' wurst
overall, tasty as hell. on a nice cakedish among the sweeter variety cakes.

best wurstcake
the kids at the party all grabbed some against their mother's wishes "honey, that cake has WURST in it, don't you want the chocolate cheesecake?"
nein! wurstkuchen!
later on i beat that little rat at pickup sticks.
the second version had cheese, smaller pieces of wurst. sweet, savory, delicious.
best of the wurst:
need more eggs, a bit floury, needs more gooey.
and need to take it higher - fluffier might be better. it's dense, tasty, hefty, more like the fruitcake on that picture now that i think of it.