Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Münchener weißwurst: love

i don't really know what it is Münchener weißwurst could have intestines and ligaments, i don't care, because it's delicious. and with sweet, sweet mustard, it can be my breakfast lunch or dinner. you're supposed to eat it with your hands, suck out the meat and leave the skin in a gooey mess on your plate.
they saying is a weißwurst never hears the stroke of 12 noon - as they are made in the morning and eaten only a few hours later. well, in modern times you can buy the pre-cooked variety full of preservatives and chemicals so they'll even last the 7 hours train ride back to berlin. 

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James said...

This looks a lot like something I ate as a naive tourist here last year, and that thing was not to be loved. I had bad shits all night - and we were clubbing! nooooo good.