Thursday, December 9, 2010

time for christmas markets!

all november, people were announcing the approaching christmas markets coming like it was the messiah..."in december, we will be drinking glühwein, enjoying winter..." and they were so right!
in every city, village, small town, even train station these little cheesy log cabin stands sprout up all over germany, selling reindeer skins, olivewood spoons, bratwurst, potatoes, and of course, glühwein. though if you're a little sadistic, and really want a headache the next day you order the Feuerzangenbowle, which is glühwein lit on fire with a rum sugar cube like it's absynthe or something.
anyway, the typical thing is after work to go get plowed on some hot beverages and eat fries and sausages and crepes and such with your friends or coworkers. the places close down at 9pm so you best get there early, stake a spot next to a heat lamp if you can. people just hang around in these little makeshift bars with their parkas and fur hats and moonboots, it's wonderful. sometimes there is live music, lots of dogs. if you are in munich, of course, it's the mega huge christmasmarket that is more like decemberfest. 

dinner of champions - 2 weisswurst and sweet, sweet, mustard
each glühwein hut has their own mug. sometimes they are shaped like little boots, or have little winter scenes on them. you pay a deposit up front on the mug, and you can either return it, or buy it. germans are brilliant. i have an excellent little mug collection now. 
but no christmas market is complete without the nativity scene! 
thumbs up for baby jesus