Wednesday, June 25, 2008

jedi lady copper

one of the roundabouts we go through every day has a whole bunch of police officers. they are there to direct traffic, look angry with their guns, generally harass who they want, collect bribes etc...if you don't have diplomatic or international organization license plates you're pretty much guaranteed to have them join you in your car for a terrifying and expensive ride, it's happened to everyone. so these police, they're kind of like monkeys at the zoo, you're not supposed to look them in the eye. but there's one or two that i've found i can smile at, sometimes make a funny face to see if they have teeth, or a sense of humour.

there's a lady officer now too, and she's all made up with her blue eye shadow, hot pink lip stick i smile at her too. today though, i didn't know if i could take her seriously. she jumped out of one of those big van taxi things, arriving on time for work at 8am...holding one of those plastic jedi light saber toys. i'm not kidding, if i could have taken a picture without ending up in jail, i would have. her saber lit up a bright blue and she was using it to hold back pedestrians, wave cars through the intersection, poke people through their windows at their lack of seatbelt. she was not smiling today. this is her in all seriousness police weapon as she was conducting official police business.

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Unknown said...

Where's the picture? Or are you in jail?