Thursday, February 25, 2010

more coffee talk

we have, yet another new coffeemachine. the latte thing broke on the other one so this fancy company came in and gave us a demo on this bohemoth thing with buttons for latte mocha choco and stuff, like what they have at the 7-11. company guy said, wow, really? like the 7-11? and i tried to explain that wasn't a complement, the lattes from the 7-11 aren't any good, you just order one at the reststop when you're driving all night and there isn't a starbucks nearby.
anyway, there's a round blue light on the thing that glows like a heartbeat when you order your drink. we opened the insides to see if it was a real heart, or some humanoid being like in terminator, and gasp! it uses powdered milk. non-organic, whole, hormoney, powdered milk. we are shocked. everyone has thus been using the the old machine and we're about ready to drop this new one out the window.
mathias came in the other day and wondered if it was listening to us while we were insulting it, and that we were in for some space odyssey-style revenge. it had one chance to redeem itself: to make mathias lunch.
so he leans in and screams into the glowing heart "mochachino! with chicken and aubergine and french onion soup!"
the coffeemachine responded with deafening silence.


òste e còc said...

Get a lobster vending machine instead.

Or hack it.

Megatron said...

oh! is this a cafe express machine? with the wolfgang puck brand coffees? cuz, it sounds just like ours at work and that powdered milk is not only scurry and disgusting, but the stupid machine breaks - ALL.THE.TIME.

lefty said...

ours uses "rebelista" brand, harvested by sandanista rebels or something. picture of che on it. the CEO doesn't like it, but we don't mind.