Wednesday, February 17, 2010

everything has a gender

every noun in german has a gender, be it masculine, feminine or neuter. i like how the coffee machine is feminine to everyone. the coffeemachine is pretty high maintenance, you always have to fill the wasstank, empty the coffee grounds, fill it with coffee beans but today it was spraying water and making lots of noice.
so i ask, what is it doing? it says "bitte warten?"
and someone responds "she is cleaning her insides."
sounds dirty.


melissamccart said...

i saw your posts on rockwell and found your blog. I MISS berlin! I used to live on pestalozzi strasse. I guess one of the closest ubahn stops was near the ka de we. i taught at the kennedy schule way west. Loved it, though all my german friends lived east or in kberg. Where are you living/what neighborhood? is it still cheap as dirt as it was a couple years ago?

lefty said...

yup, still pretty cheap. ok, i'm told that 500€ for my 2-floor 60m2 maisonette is a lot, but i don't think so. i'm right off the mariannenplatz, mayday ground zero and just found a wonderful turkish supermarket. can't complain!