Wednesday, July 28, 2010

logical shower debate

it's kinda hard to yell at people and expect them to take you seriously when they are laughing.

so i haven't had a legitimate shower in 3 days. sink trickle jewish bath doesn't count.
my bathroom faucets sound like a 90 year old with emphyzema when you turn them on. but i figure hey, it's the dry season, water is scarce, showering is a western luxury right? you know when little black girls get their braids taken out, and their mom is picking at their hair with a comb, and it is all an unraveled mess? this is my hair.
i wake up late (some guys in the room next door partied until 7 am, even though the sign on the room doors specifically say "absolutely NO occupany by people of the same sex. punishment is a FINE."), but once again, no water. sigh.
i go get breakfast, but they have no coffee, no tea, no nothing, i have a coke. i come back, still no water.
i finally ask them what's up and they are all shocked like, what? no water? 5 guys all come to my room to investigate, hmmmm, indeed no water. "go have another coke and we'll see what we can do."
i come back 30 minutes later and nothing has changed. the still is still mezmerized by "under the tuscan sun," that lame romantic movie with Diane Lane. (they have a tiny 8 inch color tv in the lobby now)  on one really wants to clean my room, but they must.
you don't need to clean my room, i just want to get some work done, maybe take a shower.
"it's the dry season, water is scarce. there is no water. alain needs to clean your room. he will bring you a bucket"
i really don't want the budket shower. i go get another coke.
i come back and alain has stripped all my sheets and is replacing my towel, which i clearly didn't use since tuesday. why are you changing the towel? and the sheets?
"we clean the sheets and towels every day."
what the...are we not the dry season? is water not scarce? and you wash everyone's sheets EVERY day?? do YOU clean your own sheets every day? this is ridiculous! why don't you NOT clean my sheets so i can take a fucking shower??
the people across the hall have all come to spectate and they are just laughing at me.
i look in the mirror, i am a freak. my hair is an absolute disaster, i am wearing no bra, no shoes on my disgusting dirty feet. i'm covered in nasty mosquito bites. and they are supposed to take me seriously? i'm just a crazy mondele. i'm going to get another coke.

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Anonymous said...

Tu pourrais peut-ĂȘtre te laver les cheveux au coca-cola????