Friday, July 23, 2010

s.s. tandoori

this visit is all about re-visits. met up with some young germans introduced by my mother (small world) who took johannes and i to the taj tandoori, the indian place at the top of a building downtown with a fantastic boat-shaped patio overlooking the city. we didn't take the manually operated elevator, as it was out fo service, evident from the screams from the elevator shaft. "hey! pierre! up! up! ok fine, down! just please move us!!"

each of the 8 floors was as mysterious as the previous. there were abandoned offices and desks, a gentle breeze blowing through a blown out wall. does that keep the building structurally sound? hmmmm.

another floor had a long past its heyday shuttered night club, floor 4 had bunch of dudes watching a small tv and one level above, a guy was setting up his mosquito net above his new bed. a weird sortof squat i guess, but at the top you reach the opulent tandoori smelling restaurant with views extending all over. we didn't take the elevator down, either, because i got a glimpse of the mechanism, and the operator getting electric shocks trying to fix it thanks i'll take the stairs!

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