Thursday, September 2, 2010

we got no cellahs

i'm playing cello at a lovely wedding on a virginian farm this weekend but don't really want to lug mine over the atlantic. the groom called ahead to a string shop to reserve a rental instrument, that i specifically requested to be non-chinese (they make good electronics, but instruments not so much). i called today, to discuss these arrangements, which of course they had no recollection of.

(weird guy with very typical midwestern accent that i sounded more like i was calling an auto shop): "sorry, we're all outta chellahs ."
but i called ahead, are you sure?
"hold on, lemme check the basement"
weird guy returns 5 minutes later, out of breath "yeah ok i think i got somethin' for ya"
ok, what is it?
"it's what we call an economy cello"
(i think about the dire state of our national economy) you mean a basement cello
ok, i'll pick it up friday.
and so there you have it.
and since hurricane earl is threatening to lift up porta potties and rain down sewage on this weekend, we won't feel so bad about it returning it stuffed with beer cans will we.