Thursday, February 16, 2012

i'm tell you not asking a question?

so one of the ladies i work with has a crazy bright cheery singing like child voice, and ends every, and i mean EVERY sentence in a high pitched tone so it sounds like she's asking a question?
here is your coffee? (she is holding a cup)
um, no, i don't know, i mean, i wanted one but that mug is not mine...
i'm giving it to you, your coffee?
i don't know, is it for me?
oh, ok.
that kinda thing. and it's not becuase my spanish is lame, it's with other people too, like today she was all
hi jorge, we have a meeting at 3pm with the military geographic institude?
how the heck would i know, why do you always ask me these questions-
no, i'm telling you, we have a meeting at the IGM at 3?
oh, ok, i'll get you a taxi. 

this is so confusing?

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