Sunday, February 12, 2012

lima conversations

so one of the nicest places to have lunch is not the 3$ 3 course cantina (though that is also pretty awesome), it's when you go get some take away at the wong supermarket (omg i'm in the wong supermarket!) and eat grassy garden of the office! it's sunny, calm, and has great conversation.

the first day i learned a new, valuable word. all the ladies were telling my how my boss, who visited last year is so "churro!" from all the hand fanning the face and play fainting, i guess it's a synonym for guapo. really guapo. and i ask, of, do you think roberto, (the other bolivian colleague who visits often) is churro too? and all the dishes stop clinking and they kinda wrinkle their face like i gave them a paper cut in their eye. yes, roberto is...simpatico.
oooh can't wait to tell roberto!
so then the chicas were discussing our plans for the evening, sorting through the long list of dancing clubs with their assorted range of clingy sweaty dancefloor guys, and where you go to bring your boyfriend, or find one.
we should take aurelgrooves here, no, how about here, oooh there is even better!
wait, does aurelgrooves have a boyfriend?
yes. and he's churro!
oh, but that means we can't go anywhere, que lastima! 
well, wait, he's not in peru, right? we are in peru, so we will do what we do in peru.
and so i ask, no boyfriends for you, chicas?
the answer is always the same, hell no! too much trouble, estoy soltera, peru no nunca sola, hehe.

well, i have a churro man and i'd rather not dance with sweaty peruvian guys.
to which they answer, what is a 24 year old like you doing in a relationship?
aw, you think i'm 24, you chicas are the best.
part I: happy hour. so sour!
well, where we ended up going thankfully did not have any sweaty guys, just some good old fashioned 2 for 1 drink specials, salsa and merengue, with blinding lasers and fog, girls in hot pants and sportsbras sponsored by pisco, and lovely decorations in the bathroom - cornerstones of any latino dance joint.

ooooh lasers!

and besides, the area around me on the dancefloor was clear like a nuclear bomb zone with my gringa moves that would repell anyone crazy enough to dance with me.

just a couple of colleagues

even the nerdiest, awkwardest guy from the office was a rico suave on the pista. shake those hips.

lovely bathroom decorations

only one who braves dancing with the gringa
he asked me, can i tell you what you're doing wrong? TODO!
but i'm only 24, i have plenty of time to learn! 

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