Thursday, April 4, 2013

bonobos are just like us!

we went to the bonobo sanctuary and had an amazing day. we saw it all, the eating, fighting, playing and the sex. insane.
to get there i hired my new taxi hook up to take me and some nasa visitors in his huge fancy 4x4. and as a reward for his hard work during the week, i invited serge, my local logistics guy. he has never seen them. living in kinshasa and not seeing the bonobos is like growing up in new york and never going to coney island!
as we are driving there he was calling all his friends and all i heard was "range rover" and "bonobos" and "my colleague" (that's me).
so we get there and the bonobos are just running around and acting crazy it's just like watching children. serge says "but they are just like mini humans!" and i say, i know! all that separates us is some thousands of years of evolution and serge is all, woah, nope, nuh-uh, evolution, shmevolution, god created us and god created these guys and that's it.
and so i ask him, don't you think it's a little weird then, that god would create creatures that are so similar to us? with their hands and their faces and their identical dna?
just a little more evolution and i would make guacamole from this avocado
and right then, one of the bonobos goes and speed humps a male, then a female and then another male, and then jumps up and down and screams and climbs a tree.
serge says "but we can't climb trees like that, they are in no way related to us," and walks away.
this is how it's done, boy!

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