Sunday, April 14, 2013

dubai is pretty nuts

so take just about everything in kinshasa, turn it inside out and backwards and you have dubai.
over the sound of the prayers you have non-stop consumerism (during Eid the malls are open 24 hours), flashy, clean, bright, connected, everything.
a colleague took me all around and all
i could think of was being in that board room, where the idea guy presents to a prince or whatever looking bored, his convoy of bentleys idling outside.
and the presenter, nervous, hands shaking as he controls the powerpoint presentation is all, how about we have a lagoon with these fountains, and every 30 minutes we blast a song, maybe michael jackson's thriller, or o sole mio, or never say goodbye, and these water jets, well they spray and shoot water along with the music. 
and the prince is all, whatever, ok, sounds good, you have my blessing go do it and leaves. 
and that's the fountain you have in front of tha tallest building thing, and it's just ridiculous. 
there are all these crazy aquariums in malls and hotels, and i seriously wonder if there isn't a secret genetic lab somewhere underground where they are engineering real live mermaids. because that's just about the only thing missing in dubai. real. live. mermaids.
just add bad music..

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Charabia44 said...

ça a l'air affreux. J'espère que tu reviens à Berlin à toute allure ...