Tuesday, April 2, 2013

no gracias

sooo this latino guy on the plane got my digits and asked me to go out on Saturday. So we were texting back and forth making plans and yeah, I was bragging to everyone in the office, like, I got a date, hombres, and he drives a Nissan Prado. And so everyone at the office is all ooh la chica quiere besos de Juan and even the driver dudes are trying to speak Spanish, haha you all are very funny.
So on Saturday I'm texting the guy and he's all, I'll call you after my futbol match and I never hear from him again.
Now, if this happens in a normal country, you're like whatever he's a jerk but in Kinshasa you start to wonder...did he get kidnapped? Killed? Car accident? Malaria? Typhoid? And that kinda drives you crazy.
So after a few sleepless nights, on Monday the office is all ooooh besos besos and I have to tell them, no, he did a conejo (spanishafied for "posé un lapin") and then they are all, hahha la chica no esta guapa! and they are making fun of me like i'm this loser who got stood up and so I had to set them straight: no, the only reason he didn't call is that he's dead or almost, obvi, because I am not a loser, thank you. so you should all feel really sorry for yourselves.
And well, turns out the guy isn't dead (he came to my workshop and made some lame excuse like he called but I didn't answer), but for the next 2 weeks I'm certainly going to have to make my officemates think he is!

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