Thursday, March 20, 2014

Real African pickup lines

If African men are committed to one single thing, it's hitting on white girls. Even if the white girls says she's married, not interested, sick with malaria...

Here are the highlights:

1. i was born with one leg but my uncle my doctor says i will always have boys. I'll make you many boys.
2. you are only sortof married, because you arent opening your heart to an african man
3. i am a boxer. your husband? KO
4. i will play drums for you every day. every day. 
5. being a soul mate is something you learn. being in love with a cameroonian is something you have to learn
6. you don't like alcoholics? i will drink water, wine and beer for you, no alcohol 
7. we can really get to know eachother through skype. i like to skype
8. love conquers distance. as long as you buy me a plane ticket, i am there.