Thursday, March 6, 2014

trying to be nice

so i went to the supermarket, and being the wonderful person that i am, i pick up a coke for the guardian guy. i go to check out and the cashier is straight valley girl cameroon style. crazy hair extensions, super long nails, loudly chewing her gum. and she's all, did you bring back an empty bottle to exchange with this coke
and i'm all no, i didn't bring a bottle. i want to buy this one
"you have to bring back a bottle to get a new bottle."
but i don't have an empty bottle. this is my first bottle. ever.
so the bag boy jumps in, "where's your empty bottle? you have to bring an empty!"
i understand the recycling thing but at some point in time, someone should be able to buy a new bottle. the circle is not closed. 
"well, you want to pay the deposit?" says the cashier with a look like i'm insane with hundred dollah billz coming out of my ears.
how much is the deposit
"75 francs!!" (10 cents)
oh my god! 75 francs? whatamigonnadooooo and i hand her a 10,000 CFA bill
and i get this glare, "i don't have 25 franc coins, so here's a BISCUIT" along with...a receipt with a red pen signature, which i will present, with the empty bottle, in order to get my 75francs back. well, i'll tell you what, the guard's gonna think it's christmas!