Thursday, April 30, 2009

everyone needs a bike messenger dude to motivate them in life

so i'm biking to a friend's house in georgetown the other day and i'm going up one of those really steep hills north of M street. outta nowhere comes one of those bike messenger guys- but not the angst-filled fixed gear hipster with tattoos who smells like pee and weed it was one of those black guy messengers, you know, hate to generalize but these guys are pimped out in lycra, wear a helmet, have sick bikes and the clicky shoes. those guys are badass and take their jobs seriously and i'll tell you, those are the dudes i'd trust with bringing my passport to the indonesian embassy, not the sorry mess with an orange mohawk who sauntered into my office yesterday. i mean really, do you walk into a bank looking like that? for shame.
so serious messenger dude is biking with no hands, drinking from his water bottle tour de france style, and strikes up a conversation over the snowy noise from his walkie talkie. here i am in my business casual attire, struggling with a messenger bag full of wine bottles.
he's all "nice bike dude! i have a fixed gear too, but it doesn't look that nice." then he's all "let see what this girl can do" and switches gears and takes off, and i am supposedly meant to follow him. so i step on it!
i catch up and i'm all yeah whatsup? and he's all you go girl, comeon, faster, you can do it! and then we bust through a red light and get honked at, go up this crazy hill, swerve around taxis and trucks and it was the best 5 minute alleycat race ever. i was so outta breath, my heart jumping out of my chest and when i got to my friend's house it literally took me 20 minutes to be back to normal. but it was the best workout ever and the next day, when i was sitting at my desk, soooo unmotivated to edit the references of this paper i'm working on, i was thinking, where is messenger guy? why isn't he standing here on my shoulder saying come on girl! step on it! pedal to the metal! in fact, i think we all need one of those guys.

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Meg said...

you shoulda got his number!