Wednesday, April 15, 2009

you want a one-eyed cat

i know you want to adopt this zombie-eyed cat.
i recently embarked on a mission to amass blackcats. so far i'm doing pretty well, with three under my roof: the old one, the new one, and the one-eyed one. at any point in time one i can scan the horizontal surfaces of my apartment and see some snoozy cats sighing and whipping their tails, staring out the window, or licking their butts. they are clean creatures, you know.
so the benevolent side of my quest is helping a local rescue organization, homeward trails by fostering a series of mutant animals until they get adopted into permanent homes. we had the one-eyed pomeranian pom, the dog who melted hearts faster than you could say 'beggin strip'? there was the cat that managed to knock over everything and creep into my ceiling and hide there and meow, then archie the mangy old grey gal who did nothing but drool, purr and shed, and now magic, aka sandy duncan, a wiley little girl with only on eye (a paintball story with a unhappy ending), yet magnificent depth perception.
she can't ruin your furniture (tho she tries) as she has been declawed. declawed and de-eyed - isn't that a sad story? but she doesn't seem to mind...she's what i would call a guy's cat. she's not especially cuddly or friendly, but she's there to greet you at the door and get her ears rubbed, she's the first one to explore your grocery bag and find peanuts to kick around on the floor, she talks, she eats only the crappiest of canned food (anything over 32 cents she turns her nose at) she has her spot on a chair never on the bed, is not afraid to mingle with loud houseguests, she'll stare at the microwave until it beeps, eat your plants and pull socks out of their drawer. she's basically your dog in cat form. and i have to say, it's a weird ghostly left eye, but she more than makes up for it in character.
won't you take her home with you? she'll be at the Laundromutt in adams morgan monday april 20th, 6-8pm.

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Tu pourrais peut-être la proposer à un pirate en Somalie ?